Repair Services

  • Phone consulting After sales service clerk : 82-54-463-2300 (Internal line 3004)

  • Home delivery Address : 56-1 Sanhodae-ro, Gumi City, Gyeonsangbuk-do, Korea Seyoung Information and Telecommunication Co., Ltd Department of Technology Support * If delivered, the customer shall pay the home delivery charge

  • A/S After sales service terms and cost can be differed depending on product conditions.

Warrant Terms & Regulations

Warrant Terms

  • Free-of-charge repair service terms

    SH-320 : 12 months since purchasing SH-350 : 24 months since purchasing
  • Warrant period is limited only to the following products. The accessories and consumables can be exchanged or refunded within 2 weeks since receiving.

    SH-320, C-320, CB-110, CB-320 SH-350, C-350, CB-150, CB-350
  • Exceptions (We claim cost for the following cases in spite of within the warrant period.)

    ① Mistakes in use / Failure due to unattended use ② Random disassembly or modification ③ Damage/Failure due to impacting ④ Corrosion due to immersion into water or foreign matter contamination ⑤ Failure made by connecting to the devices not provided by us ⑥ Impossibility of checking the product No. due to spoiled product No. ⑦ Failure due to natural disaster ⑧ Other cases recognized for the user's mistake

Regulations for exchange

  • Offered different products from the purchased ones

    Broken product at the time of delivery

    Re-occurred failure after 3 times repairing the same failure (Within warrant period)

    Failure after 4 times of repairing on different points (Within warrant period)

    In case of losing the product kept for repair

Refund Regulation

  • Offered different products from the purchased ones

    Cases of occurred material failure in normal using conditions within 10 days since purchasing

    Contact the purchasing point for refund as it is available only in the purchasing point.

    No refund without the receipt or warrant certificate for verifying purchase


  • Returning is not available when the value of new product is obviously reduced after opening.

    Notice that all problems occurred from using without checking the product's specification exactly shall be attributed to the purchaser.